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A Political Thread pt. 2

Raab v Rayner at PMQs just highlights the need to wrap Starmer and Sunak up in cotton wool.
Fair there was certainly no loved lost I just think they'd have stomached him being and MP if it wasn't for his reaction.

Still this hasn't made the papers and barely did anything on twitter yesterday. Very much a 'Westminster Bubble' story which only people in politics care about.
Yeh I live north of London. So this area has a high Jewish population and I would have thought generally vote Tory. Anyone linked to sympathising with Hamas and Hezbollah isn’t going to be popular in these parts regardless.

Don’t know the demographics of Islington North. He won his biggest majority there back in 2017 as leader. So going by that I would think he’d still win as an Independent.

Sunak trying to make as much money as he can before he has to leave.
Another day, another case of Tory corruption.

Nice to know Brits have done sweet FA to improve our reputation abroad. We are still perceived as the drunk, abusive, trouble making arseholes to the rest of Europe.

Some of the rhetoric from DUP / TUV / Loyalists in Northern Ireland is mental regarding the Windsor Framework
Bearing in mind this is the most minor of the various crimes he could be indicted for, it's good that the precedent of indicting a former president has at least now been set. Here's hoping for a guilty verdict and for him to not be let off lightly. I can see Republicans ramping up the fascism to whole new levels to protect Trump, including violence. I don't think the issue of far right extremism can be dodged any more, it has been allowed to grow due to inaction and simply needs to be faced head on.
He’s going to make every court date public to increase danger for prosecutors and judges.

So Florida already stating they will start a legal war if Trump refuses to go. Honestly, Republicans are just ******* insane at this point. these lunatics need to be brought down before they bring everyone else down.
My understanding is this is the lesser of all the alleged crimes. If Trump gets not out on this then it feeds his base and the narrative of it being a political witch hunt.

I did see the usual comments by the MAGA, Qanon zealots of "There's a storm coming". Some legend replied "Well if he'd managed that years ago he might not have upset Miss Daniels" pmsl.
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You are correct

Interesting that Lord Snooty doesn't provide any data or evidence and that he's a member of the Ulster Unionist party. In any case when we gave up freedom of movement it's little wonder it takes longer to get through immigration given their entitlement to ask questions etc.
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The mind boggles on the mental gymnastics Brexiteers do to blame the queues not on Brexit

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