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Investec Champions Cup 23/24 - Rd 4

From what I remember saying, the ref said it was intentional foul play. Personally he made his mind up based on the slow motion replay. I thought he was trying to hop over to clear out and got it wrong.
He could have got to the right call the wrong way is what I'm wondering. Definitely an accident but still a stamp to the head.

If he's finished that. Wow.
Just seen the red card incident. IMO still a red as it's a pretty dangerous blow directly to the head, even if accidental. Accidental head on head collisions are red so that is too imo. However the ref saying it was intentional is complete BS.
Sending the first referee to prison was the right call, no way he would've scrubbed off that try
Don't think Malins and Ibitoye have a completed tackle between them,
Would say the whole back three but Ravouvou had that try saver earlier (but has been bumped off multiple times previously)
Wait if it's stripped, but not ground he then lands on it does that not mean it stands?
Not gonna look at that shoulder to the jaw?
Considering a red and a yellow have been given to Bris a lots been let slide the other way pretty sure Aki bumped Malins with a leading fore arm in the first half.

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