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    20/10/06 SU Agen v Gunners
    21/10/06 Leinster v Gloucester
    28/10/06 Gloucester v SU Agen
    29/10/06 Gunners v Leinster
    9/12/06 Gloucester v Gunners
    9/12/06 Leinster v SU Agen
    16/12/06 SU Agen v Leinster
    17/12/06 Gunners v Gloucester
    12/13/14 Jan Leinster v Gunners
    12/13/14 Jan SU Agen v Gloucester
    19/20/21 Jan Gunners v SU Agen
    19/20/21 Jan Gloucester v Leinster
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  3. This is certainly the group of death this year. Any of the teams could progress, as (apart from Agen perhaps) they are of similar standard. People expect Leinster to walk this group, and to that I say ballocks. Gloucester are a good side, and will be a tuff nut to crack, especially at home. Edinburgh are now a decent side, Leinster have a very poor record against us (2 wins I think in recent years), and we've managed to get wins against Ulster and Munster away (the victory against Leinster is perhaps not fair to use, given they were missing the Irish internationals) and are playing good rugby. We've got an excellent attack, a backline with plenty of pace (and bosh in Dewey) and our defence is the best in the ML, we've conceded the fewest points this year. Paterson is a world class kicker and he keeps the board ticking over for us. Anything is possible for Edinburgh, Gloucester or Leinster in this group.
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