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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Round 11

Thought I'd ask here. But the saints Bristol game is now on a Friday evening down in Bristol rather than Saturday which has changed my plans slightly.

Was asking any Bristol fans or any fans that have done it recently on what it's like to drive to Ashton Gate and park somewhere.

Reviews online say it's a nightmare to drive to but wanted to check with rugby fans in the know.

I'll have my lad with me so don't want to do loads of walking or sit in a queue in a car park for hours after the game either.

A late start to the season but we've still managed 11 rounds in under 3 months. Some great action but now the momentum stalls.

The remining 7 rounds are over 4.5 months to 18th May with another 3 weeks to the final. Or to put it another way.......we now have 3 weeks before round 12, then 4 weeks to 13, 1 week to 14, 3 weeks to 15, 1 week to 16, 2 weeks to 17, 1 week to 18, 2 weeks to SF and a further week to the final on 8th June.

That just destroys momentum of teams and fan interest alike. Quite apart from cashflow - taking a couple of teams at random, Falcons have no fixtures in Feb, Sarries just have a friendly against Leinster.

Its a totally ridiculous way to carry on. Designing a joined up calendar cannot be beyond the wit of man.
Its a totally ridiculous way to carry on. Designing a joined up calendar cannot be beyond the wit of man.
It's not even beyond the wit of TRF - I put up a suggested calendar (week by week) for discussion a couple of weeks ago
Tbh even if you take the race thing out of it entirely it's still poor that someone working in the world of rugby social media doesn't recognise a photo of the most prolific winger on the planet.

Years back Rugby World did a supplement on something like the 100 greatest players of all time. There were mistakes aplenty but the lowlight was the profile of legendary Kiwi winger Bryan Williams accompanied by a pic of Brian Williams the somewhat lightweight former Welsh prop (or hardest man ever if you believe WOL - who sadly died at just 46).
The BBC used to it nearly every week with a different player to the one named in the picture. Just a joke really.

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