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South African Government To Seize Farms From White Farmers

If you care, the headlines I've seen here in the mainstream media are along the lines of . . .
"The truth behind Trump's white supremacist claims."
"Trump causes outrage by tweeting white nationalist conspiracy theory."

I don't watch tv news other than seeing clips online, but they seem to be treating the issue the same way. "Just stuff made up by racists. Nothing to see. Move along."

Coverage of the reaction in South Africa seems to present a consensus of people there wanting the US to stay the **** out of the issue, which is to be expected.

The essential right wing US blogger of the "Trump" movement has weighed in:

On the contrary. I think the general consensus is that all our trade partners around the globe get involved in this issue as it could surely affect trade deals.

All we are saying is that do it the right way, and rather investigate the matter before making outrageous statements. I think Trump has the right idea, it's just that he's getting ahead of the issue.
UK Supports South African Land Reform - PM May

Russian media, don't know how trustworthy is it

Here's a more thorough article on this: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/...-backing-from-british-pm-theresa-may-20180828

Also see this part which your article didn't mention:
"I welcome the comments that President Ramaphosa has already made, bearing in mind the economic and social aspects of it. I think he's made some comments that it won't be a smash and grab approach. I think there's an opportunity to unlock investment."
Afriforum put together a great submission to the parliamentary committee. It's worth the watch as it really shows the ANCs and the EFFs mentality. It also shows their incompetence to form a factual based rebuttal. Their policies are not based in fact and are instead based on talking about wide ranging social justice for "their people" for the last 400 years and to continue to push the myth of the white boogie man keeping them down.
The ANC goons comment on not being a "strawman" is hilarious. The ANC and the EFF are really a bunch of rebranded communists.

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