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Premiership Rugby 23/24 - Rd 4

Anyone who understands scrums - have Saints earned all these scrum penalties? Or has the ref basically made his mind up at halftime than Bath are a bunch of cheating bastards?
I mean they probably do, tbf
Most are either ex-academy or were signed very early on in their careers

Of the starters only Ricconi (who was a young prop signed from Benneton so not that expensive), Maitland (signed a new 1yr deal on much lower money as he was about to retire) and Aled Davies (who wasn't exactly highly rated when he joined) that are the big buy ins in that side

Opening rounds showed that Sarries depth is pretty shallow these days
I've felt for a while that scrum half is one of the few positions that Saracens are just a little lacking in quality and it's an odd thing to say as both Davies and Half Price have got international caps. It may even be that Simpson comes through for them.

(What do I know? I was a hooker...)
Simpson is underrated. I thought he was consistently good at Worcester and with a run of games I could easily see him establishing himself as Saracens first choice 9.
For all the (justified) doom and gloom about the amount of leavers at Chiefs over the summer....they're doing alright!
The kids have really stepped up. A lot of players putting in performances that I had no idea they were capable of. Honestly I was surprised we kept Lewis Pearson on but he's been phenomenal. Tom Cairns should be getting involved in the England 9 conversation fairly soon too. Tons of potential. Got the same crispness about him that Quirke does (or did). I'm a big fan.
Surprised they didn't look at that crossfield again - very much looked like the defender punched the ball forward/into touch
Absolutely pin point kicking
Chiefs work and work and build and get a great try...bristol cross field kick... try....repeat.

We are shooting ourself in the foot in these crossfield kick defence
You can't push a player but at the same time surely you're not allowed to block another player from getting to the ball?
Quality win that in a different way from previous wins. Can't help but think that Pat's Erasmus impression didn't come off. Frost playing like Simmonds a few years back.

Not far home for Bristol but I'm sure it'll feel longer with that missed penalty.

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