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Eddie Jones Extends to 2021


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Nov 29, 2011
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Likewise love all that Baxter’s done, but there’s a very big but. Exeter is all he knows, he’s been part of the fabric there all his adult life. He’s been brilliant, but also in a very comfortable environment. If he wants the top job, a few years in France or NZ or if he wants a real challenge, Leicester, would improve him no end. Eddie is the coach he is because he’s been all over the place stretching himself and soaking up experiences, good and bad.

To add to that, there's a difference in the nature of being a club DoR and a national coach. Much of the reason that Baxter has prospered at Exeter is the culture that he's been instrumental in building and the talent that he has identified and nurtured to be part of the system that he wants to play. As an international coach, you're stuck with the pool of talent that he have and have much less access to players.

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