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Premiership Rugby 22/23 - Rd 7

Chiefs V Sarries is a big one, will be a big test of where we are.

Should be a great game.
Battle of the back 3s tonight.
Arundell vs Carreras
Loader vs May

There is some pace out there, hopfully the condotions allow them to show it.
Arundell needs to come off he's hobbling around and they're just shovelling painkillers down his neck instead
Agreed Glouc seemed to get away with a fair bit there, good so see LR hold out and maintain the lead, feels like there not far off. As commentary has suggested their attack at times is pretty awesome and will trouble anyone there not far off hitting the more complete performances required to go on winning streaks
Gloucester have gotten in the habit of winning games they really should've lost

Irish will be spewing, no one to blame but themselves
Its more torong to defend than attack, Chiefs not getting the reward but this could have an impact later on. Risky though and would want more from our pressure.

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