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Premiership Rugby 19/20 - Rd 11


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Apr 27, 2008
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Where is Akker? This **** is messing up my fantasy team :mad:
Plastic pitch took him out last week - studs got caught in it while tackling someone and two forwards worth of weight went over it.
Doubt we see him for a while.
Don't see Tigers getting much with that team.

On another note I've just seen what Rob Du Preez has done to his face...seriously who is telling him that's a good look.
This is what happens when you get too many South Africans, they can't hack the Manchester weather
Anyone watching the Wasps v Sarries game? Following the twitter updates as not televised, and can only assume that Sarries have been locked in their changing room.
Tom Curtis makes his prem debut in the same game as his England u18s halfback partner in Leicester's JVP
Isn't it about time the rugby authorities organised a proper season. Today we have 2 of the top clubs in England playing without their internationals, as they are playing in 6N. Crazy and Completely ruins the Premiership as a true competition.
43 - 0 with 20 min left, Hendrickson has been powerful but ill admit ive never rated him he needs to add another dimention to his game though and he could be good.

Strong physical performance not giving Saints an inch.

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