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[2024 Six Nations] Scotland vs England - 24/02/24

I swear to God if it's formatted incorrectly or if they decide to put asterisks by all of the players who are already capped then I'm gonna flip a table
I wonder if the leak is someone actually leaking the team or a journalist (aka scum) seeing them train in certain bibs or sees a team sheet left somewhere?

I also wonder why IFW was on the bench for the two easy games and only got like 10 minutes or something. So we trust him more or go for a more experienced player on the bench who SB trusts more?
Pretty much everywhere's saying Care at 9, Lawrence at 12 and Martin on the bench.

My guess is that Dingwall will miss out altogether.

Given our general lack of pace I'd prefer to see IFW ahead of Manu on the bench. But suspect I won't.
Didn't expect to see Furbank. Optimistically curious about him.

Glad to see IFW retain his bench spot.
Steward being dropped is confusing as I think he's been good this 6N. Especially coming into the line and making metres in contact which he stopped doing when Borths originally came in.
Apparently it is because of how the scottish players play.

Will be telling to see long term as his contract ends in 18 months and he will be a target for French clubs,

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