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England 2023/24

I mean that's just provably untrue. This season he's had the most turnovers of anyone in the squad, has hit the second most attacking rucks of anyone in the squad (behind Roots) and has hit the most defensive rucks of anyone in the squad.

I'm really not much of a fan of Dombrandt and frankly don't think he'll ever be an international standard back rower but to say he'll never have high ruck stats is just… false.
His games at international level would suggest differently though wouldn't it?
He is never going to match a Savea or Doris for ruck work is he ? That is he level of work rate you would need if you play CCS at six who hangs back a bit waiting for big hits.

I actually rate Dombrandt highly, I think he is deserving of a recall however I stand by my point you can't play him and CCS (yet) for England
TBF I think there are 12 full time academies still as Wasps has continued on as a generic Midlands one, and Leeds' academy is still going (the players just have to go elsewhere once they graduate it)

I think London Irishes got absorbed by the other London clubs, though? Might be imagining that
2 midlands academies (wasps and Worcester)
London south & central
12 shirt is gonna be real interesting with no Lawrence - Dingwall?
Ojomoh only getting a call up because of injury surely puts him down the pecking order?
Beard is still travelling to the camp in Girona.

So looks like Dingwall's suddenly in pole for 12. Mitchell's the incumbent 9. Freeman's almost certain to be involved somewhere. Furbank possibly in the 23 too.

Borthers: Dingwall's uncapped so Ford at 10 for experience.

Rest of world: Duh, Saints…..

Ideal world I don't want 2 uncapped players at 10 / 12 but the way things are it would kind of make sense.
Says quite a lot that Borthwick has called up Ojomoh and yet another winger before bringing in Kelly. Really surprised by how far down the pecking order he's fallen.
Half the Saints backline then.

9 Mitchell
10 Fin Smith
11. Feyi Waboso
12. Dingwall
13. Freeman
14. Roebuck
15. Steward
12 shirt is gonna be real interesting with no Lawrence - Dingwall?
Ojomoh only getting a call up because of injury surely puts him down the pecking order?
Not necessarily. Alex Mitchell only got called up to the world cup squad as an injury replacement and he ended up starting! Haha good old Borthwick
Not sure on the ACC numbers but he's probably played more on the wing than 13 for quins
Career: 13 starts at 13, 9 on the wing.
This season: 8 starts at 13, 2 on the wing (both of these were in the Prem Cup).

I feel fairly confident saying he'd have been getting reps at both 13 and wing during training. As will Daly and Freeman.
Freeman doe centre I would say, keeps some balance there with a carrying threat.

Wonder if england will look to put some pressure on saints to make that a more permanent conversion with the central contracts. Could see him thriving there (not that he doesnt at wing or FB we are just lower on quality centres)
Can we just pick Beard against Wales so that Welsh fans can finally hear something positive with that name?
I think an England backline of Ojomoh, Sleightholme and De Glanville would be really forward looking....
Are you joking?

I rate all three, but with the options we have I find it bizarre you'd come up with those three.

If you're referring to the A squad, I take it back.

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