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Premiership Rugby 22/23 - Rd 22

Not optimistic about this at all,
If we go 10. Ford/Du Preez, 12. Manu 13. James then I'd be happier but I think Axe is going to persist with the Ford/Du Preez combo in the hope that it clicks. Bristol will have an absolute field day vs out midfield defensive alignment

Pack feels unbalanced with no Cobus, as well - set piece looks garbage ATM. Have to make the call on whether JLdP starts at 4 or 8 - I'd put him at 8 with Beaumont starting and Ellis on the bench, but think it's more likely he starts at 4 with J.Ross at 8
Have a feeling we are going to get pumped by sarries for this game. I know in the past we’ve turned them over on some big occasions but just can’t see it this time.

I’m off to the Gloucester vs bath Derby tonight though. Will be a great atmosphere, I’ve been trying to get to see a load of derby games recently.

Not a weak team, Abuladze in against Cole could be a good battle.

No Kirsten or Ewers is a concern, alot of size lost but good to see Rus Tuima getting a shot.

Expect a Tigers win, but also i thought that vs Montpellier and Stormers sooo... who knows.
You should be, we've gone back to being pap and have nothing to play for.

Been a depressing and frustrating couple of years for us at Bristol.
A good old fashioned Friday night cripple fight
Ok gonna sound like i'm bagging ex Tigers.
But has Genge been playing with zero energy this whole time for Bristol or since England?
High tackle feels weird for that, even the Bristol players looked confused

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