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SA vs Manu Samoa

Has anybody else found this game fairly dull so far overall?

Sarcasm? I can't tell over the internets.

One thing I have found, is the defense of both sides have been iffy, trying to constantly make big tackles, and it cost SA the try.

Yellow Card within 10 minutes.
maybe a stupid question, but this Samoa is former Western Samoa partecipating in last WC?
Naaah, this game is pretty good so far, especially how Samoa are annoying South Africa like this.

The World Cup has gone really well so far, all the junior nations have given full account of themselves, showing how Rugby is slowly expanding out of the traditional top 8 - top 10 nations which is fantastic.

I think a yellow card is on the way I think, only a matter of time.
Samoa's homework for the 2007 RWC.

1) Tackle Habana

Seems half of Samoa didn't pay attention, RSA 14 Sam 7
Habana with a jinking run that was so sublime it just had to lead to a try.
Just delicious.
Has anybody else found this game fairly dull so far overall?

Habana's great run picked the match up from my standpoint. Although I've enjoyed it all. Especially when Samoa get a chance to run.
Well Some Physical Rugby, Samoa will be exhausted after that succession of scrums, gonna make a huge difference in the second half...
Predictable as ever from the Samoans. Quite an admirable display so far though.

One thing is for sure, they are going to smack the **** out of England in the first 20 or so minutes.
Predictable as ever from the Samoans. Quite an admirable display so far though.

One thing is for sure, they are going to smack the **** out of England in the first 20 or so minutes. [/b]

Agreed, England were lucky the faced USA Yesterday and not Samoa...

Samoa will always try to bash the crap out of a team in the first 20 Minutes, that is their game plan...

I wonder if Samoa have their own version of Fatty van Zyl - Honniss needs to be taken out quick smart, this is turning into Fiji v France 99 all over again.

F**king disgraceful!... no way he refs a final.
It has been some magic from samoa but allot of mistakes, and some weak points that kept them from scoring.It's a done game for SA.
Man, that was some nice rugby from SA. Steyn made a difference in the centre, making breaks and getting the ball out wide - but there was something more to it I can't put my finger on. All the backs just seemed to loosen up and use quick hands.

Remember before the 3N, people were doubting Habana!

And was it Burger who injured that lunatic Lima?

England will have no problem against Samoa because they'll starve them of possession. But it's very hard to see them containing SA.
That was a shameful display of refereeing in a game where it really wasn't needed. It could have been a great match, but Paul Honiss seemed intent on destroying every bit of momentum Samoa built up and wilfully turned a blind eye to 3 illegal tackles in the first half, a high tackle followed by a collaring, followed by a head high shot on Lemi while jumping for the ball in the air. The only time he deigned to ping somebody for a high shot was the marginal call against Samoa where the player ducked into it. Pathetic. Add to that the malfunctioning clock and every 50-50 call going against Samoa and I really felt for our boys. They gave a good account of themselves though as they had no chance in the set piece butlooked pretty dangerous on attack until Honiss completely took away any impetus they had gained and only began impartial refereeing after the game was dead and gone.
I don't even want to mention the disallowed try, what a total load of shite, we see those tries scored on a regular basis in the S14 and it was absolute rubbish disallowing it. Total and completely biased refereeing by the ref and his touchies. It made me physically sick.
I am very hopeful Samoa lodge an official complaint against Mr. Honiss' refereeing as we need to strike a bit of fear into refs and make them treat us with the same respect they show to high profile sides when making decisions. The only way to do that is to make them think long and hard about their call rather than having the thought in their head, "ah well they're a bunch of islanders from a tiny rock in the ocean and they're not supposed to win this game anyway."
Samoa needs impartial refereeing if it is to have any chance against England, playing against 16 men as they did tonight is ridiculous.
Samoa didn't pick it up early enough, but kept pace and although it was scrappy and brutal, it was a great first half contest. The try that never was, should have been allowed IMHO, it was just unlucky on Samoa, who up until that point, went inch for inch with SA.

That series of scrums just before Montgomery went over really deflated Samoa.

In the 2nd half, SA started to use their backs more and that defensive intensity had gone by then. Habana was very good, he destroyed Samoa today, and the rest was just the usual you'd expect from SA.

Samoa were never in it over a full-game, but i dont think this was their strongest team, although Meafou and Williams worked well in the centres and Lemi had a great game at FB.

I was very impressed with human wrecking ball, Henry Tuilagi. Sititi showed a nice bit of skill with that chip, and i think Samoa played a good game, and were really just eclipsed after the 60 minutes, when it was about how many points SA were going to reach.

I am proud of the Manu today, they fought with bravery, gave everything and gave their hearts and souls. This game was the hardest Samoa will face, and it's good to get it out of the way. Now they just need to get back to training, sort the scrum out vs Tonga and also maybe the lineout (although to be fair SA's is great and it made Samoa look very poor) and prepare to make their RWC with the clash vs England.

Not sure what happened with Lima. He came on, gave one massive illegal tackle and went off injured.
Habana sent one hell of a warning message to Howlett, Rokocoko and everyone else looking to be the top try scorer.
Habana habana habana
He will be the top try scorer I know it!!!!!
Samoa were a disgrace in the second half. South Africa started ripping them to shreds, so they responded like a petulant child not getting its own way, throwing boots in recklessly and hitting anything in green whether they still had the ball or not. Had to agree with Stuart Barnes for once as well, it was poetic justice when Lima had to go off injured - leave that sort of 'tackling' to the NFL. Such a shame after they aquitted themselves so well in the first half.

The disallowed try was the correct call. The Samoan player was bound onto the ruck and in front of the ball. He can't then pick it up off the floor from behind him and dive over.

Samoa may have more confidence than England's current side in the wide open spaces, but the way their pack folded once the set-piece was really challenged will be a massive boost.

Saffas look very dangerous, and should stroll past England on Friday. Anyone else notice how their backs suddenly clicked into gear once Steyn came on for De Villiers? Stick with that combination and they'll walk past England's rag-tag XV.
I saw Steyn's impact too.. as soon as he came in, it was that little break he made that set the ball rolling. Until that point, SA hadn't really attacked Samoa.

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