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Premiership Rugby 21/22 - Rd 11

The image rights company closed in February so I'd imagine it ended the year / season before
It will be interesting as the image rights was a pretty standard thing across the board (Suspect main reason they are not going beyond 5 years)
Not seen it mentioned anywhere but former Glaws prop Nick Wood made his Premiership officiating debut as one of the linesmen in the Bath v Glaws game.

Good to see.
Wasps doing Wasps things and losing....

Just couldn't cope with Sale's physicality. I would have snapped your hand off before the game for a losing bonus point and again (insert recorded message here) with the players we are missing, 26-18 doesn't look too bad but we probably got away with Sale making a mess of a few opportunities and us not converting. Even Gops had a bad day from the Tee.

Pleased to see Spink/T Willis/Cruse/Miller/Atkinson back on the pitch however.

Also @TRF_Olyy , maybe a little lucky on Curry's try? His cheeky smile suggested so ;)

Better team won however for sure.

In terms of injuries, we have Mills back training regularly (FINALLY) as well as Odogwu and Gaskell. Oghre, Morris, Simonds, Millar-Mills and Minozzi are in same bracket.

Launchbury, Robson, Fekitoa pencilled in for end of Jan (to play games).

J Willis is a little longer as had a minor tweak surgery but is back doing drills etc.