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Premiership Rugby 22/23 - Rd 22

WTF is this!? Woodburn did nothing wrong. Making up the rules as he goes along. This happens all the time.
Has anyone here ever seen that punished near the try line like that?
Well, when every referee starts penalising the 'slide 5m from the line' I look forward to watching half of every game as 13v13...
A very deserved win, undeserved red. Been with 14 from about 30 min.
Ive seen some great gam eeven with red card but they do also ruin games, 20 min red card surely has to be the way to go, or is imo.
I said it before the game and agree with it now.

I do think Tigers would have won regardless, but that game was ruined by what i think is a bad call.
That Woodburn decision is genuinely one of the worst calls I've seen in rugby. He did absolutely everything correctly and safely, the only other option he had was to do nothing.

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