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[RWC 2023 Final] New Zealand v South Africa 28/10/23 20:00 BST

As if she would learn anything about rugby from a Dutchman! Smart woman, learn from the Welsh.

(8 years and I remembered my password)

I expected better from the guy that attended my wedding last May 😂
I need a guide on who used to be who. Where's Keith? Are you Keith? Are those my feet?
Nah, Keith got really into dance and had an accident while performing which caused nerve damage in his right hand. He doesn't post so much anymore due to difficulty typing.

I was cmac and this is making me realise how much time I've spent on here. I reckon I need to have a kid or something and give them access to the account once they learn to spell Johnny Sexton.
I liked Keith, really I liked all the St Mary's kids (phrasing, yikes).
Fun times, wonder if I bumped into any of you lads in D4 last year, was doing a bit of work over there.

Nice to see you Cmac, we're all getting old now aren't we? Arse.

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